While on a trip to Paris, you suddenly struck a stomachache.

You look for a rest room, but you do not know the location.
You do not even speak French, so you can not ask people.

In such a case, please use TransEmoji.
It will be of help to you.

Benefits of TransEmoji

If the others is illiterate

Even if the others is illiterate, you can show your will by showing emoji.

If the others is Foreigners

All the people in France are French, and of course we can handle French ... there is nothing like that. No matter how many people you are, you can tell your will by showing emoji.


It helps your understanding

Was the translated sentence really what you wanted to tell? There is no way to confirm to you. However, through emoji, you can check the contents of the translated sentences.

It is useful for language learning

TransEmoji is also useful for language learning. Even sentences written in languages that can not be read at all, you can understand the meaning of sentences by translating them into emoji. 

Beta's coming soon...

Look forward to it !

TransEmoji connect the world.




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